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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  June 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>. >> that breaking news is out of florida. this happened around 2 doolittle this morning florida time had at an orlando nightclub. this is is live picture behind the club that caters to the gay and lesbian community. at least 50 people were killed and at least 53 others injured. police have identified the gunman. 29-year-old omar the mateen. mateen was a u.s. born citizen known to law enforcement, but he was not the target of any investigation. his parents are from afghanistan. investigators are calling this an act of terrorism. it may also be a hate crime. the mayor of orlando has asked
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the governor for a state of emergency to bring in more resources than and governor rick scott is on his way to orlando. >> i continue to be so proud of our community. support that has been shown and the response. i'm thankful for entities around the state of florida. the governor has made all right sources of the state of florida3 available. we have assistance from the white house. every possible asset we have brought to bear. >> law enforcement agencies says their focus has now shifted to identifying the victims and their families. a short timing a house minority leader nancy pelosi released a statement. she said our hearts ache for all those killed in the senseless attack and we pray for the swift recovery of all those who were
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wounded, while many questions have yet to go answered. we will not allow hate and terror to succeed in binding us with fear. good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. it is sunday, june 12 isth. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist frances dinglasan, who is in this morning for lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning, everyone. we are starting off the morning sunny and clear. live doppler 7hd showing a few clouds off the coast. there will be a stronger sea breeze and that's going to change our temperature highs compared to yesterday. right now we are mainly in the 60s with the exception of brentwood. it's been mild all morning. 73 degrees there. san francisco 60 degrees. san jose 67 degrees. now compared to yesterday at this time, we are a bit warmer. however, things are going to change. we see a stronger on-shore flow
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had. and that means with the breezy conditions, temperatures will warm up only to the mid-80s inland. so it's still going to be warm there. 70s around the bay. and guess what, the cooling trend continues. i'll let you know how cool it will get in your neighborhood coming up. >> francis, thank you. happening today here in the bay area, some graduating seniors will be carrying signs at stanford's graduation. they hope to show their solidarity with survivors of sexual assault. students are angry with the six had i have month sentence of former stanford swimmer brock turner. they hope the protests will bring attention to what we are calling rape culture. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard tweeted this video of the banner flying over. it reads protect survivors, not rapists. willian kim has more on today's
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planned protest. >> stanford protects rapists. rape culture has deep roots, a couple signs they will be carrying during the wacky walk. a traditional display of fun that will take a more somber tone on sunday. >> at a time like this when we are about to graduate, it's important to keep in mind the way our campus has to continue to improve. and the way college campuses across the nation should also continue to improve by taking rape culture seriously. >> stanford than thrust into the national spotlight the past week. the judge sparked outrage as he sentenced former stanford student brock turner to only six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. >> people coming from all over the country aren't surprised. >> i think that's what stanford has taught these kids, is to speak up and have courage. i love that about this university. >> also on sunday a plane will fly over stanford with a banner that says the judge must go.
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the same signs will appear outside the stadium and on campus. former student body president john lancaster will take part in the protests, as well. >> throughout my four years at stanford, this has been the most important journey for me, realizing the extent of this issue on our campus and also my own understanding of how it impacts people. >> and that's the goal among protesters, to get more people to understand the impact of sexual assault. at stanford, lilian kim, abc7 news. developing news in contra costa county. chp investigating a crash on eastbound highway 4 in antioch that's left one man dead. it happened just after 1:00 this mourning near the lone tree way exit. the drivers of this car was speeding, they say, when he lost control and rolled over and slammed into a poll. are you see the car ended up wrapped around that pole. no other cars were involved. new this morning,
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investigators are looking into what caused a three alarm fire this morning in oakland. the fire started around 4:30 this morning on 13th street. crews were able to knock it down in about an hour. no one was hurt. police in san francisco have arrested a woman after officers chased down on the bart tracks. abc7 news was at the powell street station around 8:30 last night. investigators say that the 26-year-old woman had a felony theft warrant. she ran into the station through an emergency stairwell and on to the tracks. authorities say she grabbed an officer's gun, broke his radio and bit him on the arm before he could arrest her. that officer has been treated for minor injuries. a driver escaped with minor injuries after his car plunged into a creek in oakland. you are looking at video tweeted by oakland firefighters yesterday evening. you can see a swimmer helping the man escape from his
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partially submerged s.u.v. the highway patrol said he drove into the creek from a parking lot next to enter state 880 near the coliseum. he went to a hospital to get checked out. >> an outpouring of grief in south san francisco after two young people died in a car crash. police suspect another young person of vehicular manslaughter, second degree murder and drunk driving. flowers and candles mark the spot of friday night's tragedy along airport boulevard. you see how the force of that wreck mangled the honda. officers believe the suspect was going at least 80 miles an hour in a 35 miles per hour zone. the honda hit another car, overturned and struck at least two trees before the victims, ages 18 and 21, were ejected on to the pavement. a sex scandal involving oakland police have expanded. the daughter of an oakland
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police dispatcher who admitted to having sex with at least three oakland police officers while she was underage now tells investigators she also had sex with a contra costa county deputy. the scandal happened under oakland police chief's shawn wendt's regime. he resigned thursday. the president said she doesn't know if it factored into wendt's decision to step down. >> my most recent conversation showed he was growing in his role and the organization was beginning to tackle some very, very difficult issues. bart's deputy chief b. n farrell is the interim police chief. >> a puppy stolen at gunpoint last week is back home, safe with her 14-year-old owner in the east bay. police are still searching for suspects but they were happy to
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reunite mia with her owner. his stolen puppy, mia, found safe. >> it was the best news ever for this 14-year-old boy. his stolen puppy, mia, found safe. >> i was anxious to see her. >> his parents want his identity kept secret because the men who took mia are still at large. a security camera caught the teen walking mia monday night on dayton avenue when two men pulled up and demanded the pup. at first the boy refused. >> he said he had a gun. i didn't believe him, until he took out the gun. >> another person's camera captured the boy walk being away and the heartbroken teen was walking home alone without his dog. >> i knew they were going to try to sell her for money. >> turned out, it was right. somebody purchased her off of a street corner in the east bay for a few hundred dollars. a friend of the new owner saw mia's picture on tv. he convinced the friend, who had mia, to relinquish her so she could return the dog and she could get reunited with her
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14-year-old owner. mia was surrendered to police. she's full of energy, cute as ever and happy to be home. she may have to wait a while for the evening walks. >> i don't want to walk her anymore. i think now i'll go out with my parents. >> the two dog thieves may be driving a gray or silver mercedes sedan. call police if you have information. in san leandro, abc7 news. >> cool weather. frances dinglasan is aboard to talk about it. >> starting off sunny, carolyn burke the winds will pick up and with the additional sea breeze, temperatures won't be as warm as they were yesterday. in san francisco we will only hit a high of 66 degrees. i'll have your complete accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, francis. also ahead, historic times in the bay area. we have two championships possibly being decided here today and tomorrow. how you can get the special nba finals emojis which include
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images of your favorite warri
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>> welcome back, everyone, to our breaking news story. this and a live look of reporters setting up for a news conference, hoping to get more information about the worst mass shooting in american history. it took place around 2:00 this morning outside a nightclub in orlando, florida. there are at least 50 people who
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have been left dead. 53 injured. many of them critically. police have identified the gunman as 29-year-old omar mateen, a u.s. citizen with roots in afghanistan. he has been shot and killed by police. we will continue to bring you information as it becomes available. >> the warriors are back in the bay area after getting a huge game four win in cleveland friday night. and the sharks are gearing up for a big game six later today. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has more about the exciting time for bay area sports. >> the warriors are getting ready for game five against the cleveland cavaliers. they are back in the bay. if they win sunday night, they will win their second nba championship. >> i think we are going to win it. steph curry is playing well, and when they are playing well, we are favored. we are going to win. 100% sure of it. we are going to win. >> the cavaliers arrived in san francisco. they are hoping a big game from
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lebron james will help them stave off' elimination. >> if anybody can do it, they can. >> this is a big couple of days in the bay area. along with the championship trophy for the nba. the san jose sharks are playing in the stanley cup finals. >> that's why this is going to be a good one. you have two great teams. >> the sharks need to win to keep the series going. having a stanley cup final and nba championship being played in the same market at the same time is very unusual. the last time that happened was 13 years ago in new jersey. the nets fell to the spurs and the new jersey devils won against the anaheim ducks. this weekend proves the bay area is a hotspot for championship sports this year. >> you guys are lucky. the san jose sharks hit the ice against the pittsburgh penguins and the golden state warriors play cleveland cavaliers monday. abc sunday news. >> the nba has a new app for the finals. it's nba emoji. it features players from the two
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teams. these are the warrior players. the app is free and available to apple and android users. abc7 is your home for the abc finals. join us for abc7 news at 4:00 thome and world news tonight at 4:30 and a special warriors pregame edition of abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. then at 5:30abc's coverage of day five begins here on abc7 with the warriors taking on the cavs in oakland. tip-off 6:00 p.m. if you are not watching at oracle arena, abc7 is the only place to see game five. after that join abc7 news sports director larry beil and sports anchor mike shumann for "after the game." and they will have analysis from warriors ambassador adonal foyle. we will be broadcasting live
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from oracle arena. today on our sister network espn you can see steph curry make the dreams of young twins come through. >> i was really impressed you wanted to share this with your twin brother grant and have it be a complete surprise to him. see you in oakland. >> meet the north carolina girl faced with leukemia that used her wish to make her twin brother's wish come true. it's fun and games with the two-time mvp in oakland. see steph's day with the twins all day today on sports center >> happening now thousands of athletes from more than 50 countries will compete in the annual escape from alcatraz triathlon. it starts at alcatraz island where participants jump into the bay to swim to marina green and then they mount bikes for an 18-mile ride to crissy field and the presidio before an eight mile run. a 9-year-old boy from the
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central coast is coming to san francisco to try to break a world record. james savage wants to become the youngest person to swim to and from alcatraz. last year he swam one way, but this year he wants to make it a round trip. james has been training at the reservoir near his home several times a week. >> he will swim all the way out to alcatraz, touch it, and turn around and come back to shore. >> the length is three miles, but my record is going to be the world's youngest kid to do it. >> james will make that attempt tuesday morning. his coach will be swimming right beside him. his mother will be following them in a kayak. >> coming up now, we will go live back to orlando where governor rick scott is speaking to areas. >> we encourage all of the people who knew the shooter to step forward and seek out the
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fbi, which is in st. louiscy county right now. help us piece together what has happened with this shooter. obviously there will be a history that will emerge about the pattern of activity of this individual. i'm just here to reaffirm to you what i said a few minutes ago. thank you. >> there you see governor rick scott walkerring away after briefing reporters will this horrific nightclub shooting in orlando at the gay nightclub
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he walked in around 2:00 this morning armed with an assault rifle and at least one other gun and simply began shooting. 50 people are dead. some of them still inside the nightclub. 53 others have been taken to various hospitals. one doctor said the majority of those that he has seen, 46 people are in critical injury. we will be right back.
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. >> we want to continue with the breaking news. our apologies from before. the gentleman speaking was not the governor. this is. he's letting us know about his thoughts in the shooting. 50 people dead in orlando. >> this is a terrible, terrible act. as a father of seven i called to check on some of my kids this morning to make sure they were okay. we are doing everything we can. law enforcement is working well together. our victim advocates are helping out to see if we can help the families. i encourage everyone, as i did my staff, please cone nate blood because we need a lot of it. want to thank the local law enforcement officers for the amazing job they have been
9:25 am
doing. >> they said when they will have another press conference and they will provide more information. there's a lot of unanswered questions and at that time they can answer more questions. the suspect was someone who was on your radar beforehand. >> i know there's a later press conference and law enforcement will answer all those questions. [inaudible question] >> well, this is clearly an act of terror. i mean, you just can't imagine this would happen to our community, our state or anywhere in our country. but for somebody to go in there and be an active shooter and take that number of lives, any life, but that number. lives and that number of people is clearly an act of air tore. >> does this change your views in backing any kind of
9:26 am
legislation or anything like that? >> right now we are -- this is the time to find out exactly what happened, the time to pray for those that have been -- of that lost their families, have lost their lives. pray for the victims. there will be plenty of time to deal with how our society comes together. the orlando area, orange county, the state authority, we are very resilient. we will come together and do everything we can to help everybody that's been affected and bring this community back together again. i have not talked to him yet. >> talk about the -- [inaudible] >> sure. we declared a state of emergency to make sure all the resources that would be necessary for the city and the county would be there. anything that would be needed from the state is available immediately. the head of the law enforcement is the coordinating officer but
9:27 am
we worked with the mayor and the sheriff and the police chief to make sure they have all the resources they need. [inaudible question] >> law enforcement will answer all those questions. they are having another press conference at 1:30. >> do you know how many families of the victims have been contacted at this point? >> i know that -- again, all that will come out as law enforcement will point it out. but they are working hard to reach every family member, and also they have victim advocates, the state attorney said to take care of all these families. you can't imagine -- i have daughters and grandchildren and i can't imagine this happening to my family. >> will you be meeting with the families yourselves, governor? >> it's devastating. you don't want this to happen anywhere in the world. you know, i can tell you law enforcement, our elected officials, the mayors, at the state level we coordinate our activities, hoping this would
9:28 am
never happen. we worked with the federal government hoping this would never happen. it's devastating on how many people lost their lives and the impacts it will have on their families. i have kids and grandkids. i can't imagine. >> will you be meeting with the families yourself, governor? >> i will meet with the families at the appropriate time. look what they are going through right now. >> there was kind of a indication this morning some families and the hospital staff through privacy regulations. the white house has been contacted. what role do you play in trying to help facilitate the families being be able to connect with those still in the hospital? >> the way i understand, that's been resolved. >> is there anything you can do on a policy level to stop something like this from occurring? >> we are dealing with a tragedy right now. our prayers go out to everybody impacted. law enforcement is doing their
9:29 am
job. there will be plenty of time to think about how do we make -- you know, continue to improve our society and we will continue to improve on how we do that. we are a very resilient state. bye-bye. >> and you have been listening to florida governor rick scott talking about this tragedy in orlando. he has declared a state of emergency to bring in any necessary resources to that city as they continue to investigate what they are calling an active terrorism, a lone gunman going into a nightclub there and shooting up the place, killing 50 people and leaving 53 others injured. president obama, by the way, has been briefed on all of this and is expected to make a live statement from the white house at 10:30 this morning our time. we will be
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meet theologist frances dinglasan. >> good morning, everyone. you see a lot of blue sky this morning. live doppler 7hd shows just a few clouds off the coast. the sea breeze will pick up. temperatures right now are starting to climb into the 60s in many locations. san francisco currently 60. brentwood up to 73. san jose 67. oakland is 61 degrees. it's a warmer start compared to yesterday at this time for many of the locations. we are a few degrees warmer. even six degrees warmer in santa rosa. but once the sea breeze picks up, it will allow everyone to cool from yesterday's high. even though it will still be warm inland, we see temperatures in the 80s there. a lot of 70s along the bay. 60s along the coast. it will be cooler compared to yesterday's highs, and the cool down continues. i'll have that in my next forecast. carolyn. >> thank you, francis.
9:33 am
we want to go back live now to orlando, the scene of the worst mass shooting in the nation's history. this is state senator geraldine thompson talking. let's listen in. >> something that is routine that happens in our communities time and time again. >> geraldine, say your name again. >> geraldine, last name thompson. i am the state senator that represents the community where the nightclub is located in tallahassee. senate district 12. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> i'm the first gay elected officials in central florida. i would just like to say something for my community. i understand this is heartbreak being, the largest mass shooting in america happened in a gay club. and it's heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking for me. it's very difficult for me as --
9:34 am
i have to wear a city commissioner hat, but i'm also a member of this community. this is an establishment that i go to. and this was an establishment that actually had an officer at the door, an armed officer. you know, there's only so much we can do to protect people. the bottom line, what i want to say to my community, there's been a lot of people who want to have vigils and things like that. but there are so many officers on scene right now, we need to let them do their jobs. we haven't even gotten all the victims out yet. so, please, everybody, if you want to help, please give blood. if you need to have grief counseling or if you had somebody in your family who is affected, the gay lesbian community center at 932 north mills avenue is providing grief counseling for anybody who needs it. the gay community center at 942 north mills avenue has grief counselors available for anybody
9:35 am
who needs it. we are used to dealing with crisis and losing people. it's very sad. but i want to shout out to the center. they have done an amazing job mobilizing? for people who need it. our hearts and prayers go out to the victims. i'm sure i have friends who were in that club. i just found out ten minutes ago the owner that i know is safe. she's very concerned, of cour. she was on vacation. she's flying back. this is a horrible tragedy for our community. i just want to say that we as a gay community, gay lesbian transgender community are people of love. if you think that you are going to stab at the heart of us by doing this horrible violent act, you are not because we love, we are a resilient people and we are going to show any the face of this that we will have people lined up behind the blood banks. we will show what the good heart of humanity is. not the horrible bad part of it
9:36 am
is. you cannot get your message across by killing people. you are nothing but thugs and murders and we will show you we are a better community and a better america than this. >> what is your name? patty shehan. wish i never had to do this. thank you. >> there have been a number of people stepping up to the mikes this morning, including the governor rick scott, the state senator and now city commissioner patty sheehan, talking about this horrible shooting at the orlando nightclub. it bills itself as the premiere gay nightclub in that city. it's the scene of the nation's worst mass shooting, considered a terror attack which makes it the deadliest since september 11th. at least 50 people were killed,
9:37 am
53 others injured. it happened around 2:00 this morning florida time. the suspected shooter has been identified as 29-year-old omar mateen. he was born in point st. lucie, florida. that's about two hours away from orlando. officers shot and killed him inside that club. they say he was known to law enforcement, but was not the target of any investigation. investigators are calling this an act of terrorism. it may also be a hate crime because it targeted that gay nightclub. facebook has activated their safety check now for people to alert their friends and family that they are safe. governor rick scott declared a state of emergency just a few minutes ago. and the mayor of orlando thanked all agencies involved. i continue to be so proud of our community, the support that it's shown, the response. i'm thankful to entities from
9:38 am
all around the country and all over the state of florida. the governor has made all the resources of the state of florida available. we have assistance from the white house. so every possible asset we have brought to bear. and take a look at this helmet. orlando police provided that. this is what one officer was wearing. he was the one injured in the gun fight with mateen. police say this helmet saved that officer's life. san francisco mayor ed lee is responding to the devastating attack saying, quote, i express our deepest sorrow for the people of orlando and members of our about lgbt community after the evil act of terror carried out profound tragedies and acts of hate. leave us speechless but love, strength and often at this time will always triumph over hate, fear and violence. san francisco greaves with the people of orlando. the lgbt community and the
9:39 am
nation today. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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>> back to our breaking news. you are seeing a live look from a helicopter outside the nightclub in orlando, florida, scene. the worst mass shooting in american history. this incident began around 2:00 this morning florida time, leaving at least 50 people dead. perhaps as many as 53 injured. police have identified the gunman has 29-year-old omar mateen. they say he is a u.s. citizen. his parents are from afghanistan. he went into that club with an assault rifle and other weapons, opening fire. he has been shot and killed by police. president obama is expected to address the nation around 10:30 this morning our time.
9:42 am
now a live look at stanford's commencement ceremony that started just a few moments ago. it's being streamed on stanford's commencement page. some graduates are carrying signs, as you see, of protest of the six-month sentence of former stanford swimmer brock turner. he was convicted of raping an unconscious woman. they say the sentence is too light. their goal is to get more people to understand
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. >> let's take you back now to orlando, florida. a somber sunday. you see crowds gathering there. an outpouring of grief after a shooter opens fire in a gay nightclub called the pulse nightclub, killing 50 people and leaving 53 injured. police shot and killed the suspected gunman, 29-year-old omar mateen, a u.s. citizen with roots in afghanistan. we are understanding in a vigil is going to be held at 8:00 tonight here in san francisco at the harvey milk plaza to honor and remember those who have given their lives, those who have been killed. by the way, abc news will also do a special one-hour report starting at 10:00 this morning, and the president is expected to
9:46 am
address the nation regarding this horrific incident at 10:30 this morning. we are going to check in now with frances dinglasan to see about the bay about area weather forecast. >> we are starting off with sunny conditions once again this morning. we have clear skies with just a few clouds off the coast. and those clouds will start to move in later on tonight. we do see an increased onshore flow could go things down. but from the exploratorium camera, blue skies over the transamerica tower. in san francisco it's currently 60 degrees, oakland 67. mountain view is 69 right now. in san jose 67 degrees. the cool spot in half moon bay, still in the 50s at 59 degrees. another view from sfo shows you some quiet, clear skies. in santa rosa the temperature is 63 degrees. napa 64. novato is 66. and fairfield, concord and livermore almost 70 degrees right now.
9:47 am
so it's starting off mildly, but from this view, mt. tam, you see that the marine layer, the clouds are going to start to move in with the sea breeze. that means things will cool down. it's going to be sunny, but cooler today with that stronger sea breeze we will see the cool down continue through midweek. here's a look at your highs today. in san jose still nice and warm at 80 degrees. gilroy will hit 79 degrees. along the peninsula you will find 75 degrees in redwood city. breezy at the coast with half moon bay hitting 61 this afternoon. and downtown san francisco will be sunny at 66 degrees. again, the breeze will continue and it will be breezy, as well, through the north bay and the valleys. santa rosa hitting 78, as well as calistoga. sonoma 76 degrees. you will find comfortable conditions in the east bay with 70s for everybody. from 72 in berkeley, all the way up to 78 in fremont.
9:48 am
the exception is castro valley, 80 degrees there. we definitely come down in the inland areas where we saw 90s yesterday. today the highest will be 86 in brentwood. san ramon and walnut creek hitting 83 degrees this afternoon. at least you will have some relief there today. if you are headed to the beach, temperatures in the 60s. mostly sunny. some coastal clouds are starting to come in but the breeze will keep things cool. temperatures in the 60s. you will still need the sunscreen with the high u.v. index. also you don't need a jacket if you are headed to the san mateo county fair. plenty of sunshine. comfortable start at 65 degrees. hitting mid-70s by this afternoon and cooling down to 7y after the sunset at 8:32 tonight. here's a look at the week ahead. here's how the temperatures are going to play out. our average high is 79. we are a little bit above that today. and the cool sea breeze is going to bring the temperature down every day through the middle of the week. then we start to climb right
9:49 am
back up again into next weekend. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows plenty of sunshine today. we will see breezy and cooler conditions continue, dropping down to wednesday, which should be the coolest day. and then milder by next weekend. so hopefully you can enjoy the sunshine today but just keep in mind it's not going to be as warm as yesterday. carolyn. >> i like the cool temps. thank you, francis. let's check out sports. >> in sports the sharks will try to stave off the penguins and play game seven. they trail pittsburgh 3-2 in the best-of-seven series. the puck crops at 5:00 p.m. the sharks are holding a viewing party at san pedro square market for fans who don't have tickets to the game. at 5:30 the giants and dodgers square off at&t park. you can watch it on our sister station espn. last night the giants had a dramatic walk-off victory, beating l.a. here's rick quan.
9:50 am
he's got the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. with both the warriors and sharks enjoying saturday off, the bay area sports spotlight was on the giants, who played host to their old rival, the dodgers. let's go to at&t park. buster posey loses his bat and it winds up stuck in the netting. you don't see that happen too often. warriors steve kerr was at the game, so was klay thompson, whose brother trace singled in the second. he later came around to score. san francisco used five pitchers in the seventh inning but could not protect a one-run lead. corey garon walks thompson with the bases loaded. and gozales' solo home run in the tenth. and the giants come back. they make it 4-4. then one batter later posey ends it with a base hit. 5-4, the final. the giants sixth walk-off win of the season. tops in the majors >> sporting his rollie fingers's
9:51 am
mustache, he made his debut in miami. oakland, there was one costly mistake that came in the third. he struck out five. oakland loaded the bases in the fourth but failed to score when he was robbed by tyler holt. that nded the inning. reds win 12-1. the a's have lost seven straight. because of his run-in with lebron james in game four, there's a chance draymond green will miss monday's potential series clinching contest. the nba is reviewing this incident after the two got tangled up. draymond appears to take a swing at his groin area. if he is assessed 1 foul, he would be suspended game five. a flagrant 2 would keep him out of games five and six.
9:52 am
>> the nba finals, game four. they are trying to tie it up 2-2. we are trying to go ahead 3-1. when you are going at each other, it's time to man up. i enjoy that. it's always fun for me. >> as a competitor, i love going against draymond and i'm all about going out and leaving it all out on the floor. but when it gets a little bit more than what it should be, that's what caused me to have words with him. as far as the play, i think the league will take a look at it. obviously our locker room has seen it and we will see what they say. >> not too long ago the sharks appeared dead in the water but a win tonight at the tank would tie the stanley cup final at three games a piece. san jose stayed alive thanks to an incredible performance by goalie martin jones, who had 44 saves in game five. logan couture came through with a goal and two assists. with 29, he's the-point leader in the playoffs. >> want to go home. don't want the season to end.
9:53 am
i wish i did it every game. it's a tough league to score in. nice when you are able to help the team win some games. >> and i will be reporting live from the tank tonight at 5:00. that is sports for a sunday morning. have a great day.
9:54 am
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>> whack now to orlando, florida where we continue to bring you what we know about a mass shooting at a nightclub there that began around 2:00 this morning florida time. the nightclub pulse is a gathering point for the gay community in orlando. we heard from some people who were there who were hiding in a bathroom. others say they heard the shots and they thought that maybe it
9:56 am
was something that the dj was playing. unfortunately that was not the case. at least 50 people are dead. 53 people injured. officials say that the gunman went in with an assault rifle, a handgun and some type of other device on him. at first he was exchanging fire with an officer, and then later apparently went into that night club and held some people hostages. the governor there has declared a state of emergency so that resources can get in there to help with the investigation and anything else that might be needed. police have identified the gunman as 29-year-old omar mateen. they say he is a u.s. citizen. his parents were born in afghanistan. the fbi and other law enforcement are calling this an act of terror. they say it's the deadliest terror attack on u.s. soil since the events of september 11,
9:57 am
2001. it is also being investigated as a possible hate crime against the lgbt community. there will be a vigil in san francisco at 8:00 tonight at harvey milk plaza to honor and remember those who died. also in just a few minutes, abc news will be doing a special report at 10:00 this morning. we are also expecting to hear from president obama around 10:30 this morning. and there will be an abc hour-long special on the orlando shooting coming up tonight at 10:00. we are going to do a quick final check on the weather forecast now with frances. >> we are starting off with a mild start. temperatures won't be quite as warm as yesterday. 60s at the coast with 66 in san francisco. 70s around the bay and 80s inland.
9:58 am
san jose will hit 80 degrees. and it will be cooling down through the next few days to midweek. carolyn >> thank you, frances. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with frances dinglasan. the news continues now online, on on twitter and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00. have a great day and prepare now for abc news. our prayers and thoughts go out to those in
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: the following is a coming up, breaking news unfolding today in orlando. overnight, 2:00 a.m., the deadliest mass shooting in american history. it all unfolded at the pulse nightclub in orlando. you see it right there. that is the scene last night. when omar mateen, a 29-year-old american citizen of afghani heritage, went in there armed with an assault rifle, well prepared, and a handgun, and began to shoot sustained bursts of gunfire. at the end, 50 people have been killed, 53 injured. as i said, the largest mass shooting in american history. the worst terror attack in the united states since 9/11.


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